Hockey Europe and Hockey of Tomorrow Announce Official Media Partnership for 2023

Hockey of Tomorrow becomes the content and media partner for the organization representing the interests of the top six hockey leagues across Europe.

Hockey of Tomorrow (HoT), a vibrant media and community platform where fresh voices cover hockey’s positive impact stories and the people changing the game, has agreed on a formal partnership with Hockey Europe. The platform will get exclusive access and cooperation to cover all tech, cultural and social impact news that comes out of the Swedish Hockey League, SM-liiga, Czech Extraliga, Deutsche Eishockey Liga, Austrian Hockey League, and the National League from Switzerland.

With a planned digital launch on March 24, 2023, HoT will host written, audio, and video content in long and short form, created by a meticulously recruited set of 15 diverse, up-and-coming, and fresh-voice contributors. Hockey Europe plans to ramp up operations in the foreseeable future and given its purpose to promote cooperation, amicable relations, and unity across European hockey, there was a strong affinity with Hockey of Tomorrow’s vision.

“Hockey Europe is entering a new, more active, and ambitious phase of its existence. The collaboration with Hockey of Tomorrow will help us communicate our ambitions as European hockey leaders. We’re thrilled to spotlight the important roles that our leagues hold internationally,” said Denis Vaucher, Hockey Europe President and CEO of the National League in Switzerland.

One of the main initial focuses for HoT will be to bring to life the league storylines, their cultural differences, and their contextual relevance within the hockey industry in North America.

“Hockey of Tomorrow has a fascinating challenge in front of it: to provide the North American hockey fan an opportunity to engage with European hockey, in English. Hockey across the top European leagues is so rich in history and baked in traditions, but the main issue is that it’s spread across a half dozen languages,” opined Thomas Sychterz, Founder and CEO of Hockey of Tomorrow.

The platform is careful to specify that it will be a step-by-step process and that it will take time to build trust and understanding.

“On a macro level, and people don’t realize this, Hockey Europe leagues represent over $1B of yearly revenue. That’s significant. Shedding some light for the Canadian or American fan on what’s happening across the ocean in hockey is right up our alley,” stated Sychterz.

Several long-form pieces of written content about the various leagues are ready to be published. Also, a podcast with league CEOs as guests will hit streaming platforms in a few weeks.

“The partnership is an exciting exploratory moment for the Hockey Europe organization and we’re looking forward to collaborating on the future of our beloved game,” added Gernot Tripcke, CEO of the Deutsche Eishockey Liga, the highest professional hockey league in Germany and one of Hockey Europes founding members.


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